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Every Brand has its own set of products/services. It’s necessary to have a dedicated Digital Marketing agency that helps you to manage your YouTube Brand Channel with the help of wonderful video shoots or the right set of Influencers to gain real impressions & increase brand awareness which can help you get more sales. This is where you can partner with Brandyse Media which can be the best YouTube Brand Management Agency in India.

Youtube Brand Channel Management Service

Opportunities - Youtube Provides

It gives you a chance to think for the future and make it safe & the source of increasing sales revenue in terms of more sales leads, increased brand awareness, video shoots, Paid Promotion Campaign, Collaborative Growth, opens a door to collaborate with Influencers, Channel Promotion Etc.

  1. Increase sales leads,
  2. Increase Brand Awareness,
  3. Collaborate with Influencers,
  4. Multiple Brand Impression,
  5. Channel Promotion.


Popular Brands

Some of the brands who successfully leverage the benefits of youtube to increase their sales

Google Logo

Subscribers - 9.78 million

Redbull logo

Red bull
Subscribers - 9.85 million

Lego game logo

Subscribers - 11.50 million

Sony playstation logo

Play Station
Subscribers - 12.9 million

GoPro logo

Go Pro
Subscribers - 10.2 million

Apple logo

Subscribers - 13.8 million

T-series logo

Subscribers - 170 million

Netflix logo

Subscribers - 18.7 million

We takecare

on behalf of you

It’s not an easy task to take all the relevant factors along with the content creation at the same time. So, here Brandyse Media plays an important role as a Youtube brand management Agency to help your brand and its channel in every following possible manner.

Video Optimization

We help you in optimization of video for helping it outreach to audience for your brand promotion that don’t know the power of Optimization of your video.

Blueprint of Video Strategy

We help you in understanding & preparing the content for your upcoming videos as per market & community trend.

Video Analysis & Reporting

We help you in analysing the views on basis of each video to understand audience response to improve it in new upcoming videos


We help you in collaborating with influencers who can help in your brand campaigning or who are already working with us to increase familiarity to your brand.

Script Writing

Our YouTube brand management service help you in writing concepts for Youtube channel videos specifically for your brand to enhance brand awareness and keep the audience updated about your brand.

Video Shoot

We have in our team & collaboration with individuals/agencies who hold great experience in corporate & YouTube video shoots (specifically for brands), help you get your brands video shoots.


Made by brands

A showcase of some successful & fastly growing start-ups who smartly use the youtube to multiple their revenue.


Daniel wellington logo

Daniel Wellington


Allen Solly

Amazon audible logo


American express logo

American Express

Motorola logo


Zara logo


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