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No one likes to view traditional ads, they used to skip those ads in which they don’t have any interest. People love to watch or follow those influencers to whom they can trust and have connections believe in them & indirectly influence their daily life activities & lifestyles to follow. Here comes the relevance of Influencer Marketing to help companies to engage with their audience by connecting with their favourite influencer.

Multiple your interaction rate with the targeted audience

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As per Forbes Article “A Tomoson study noted, “Businesses are making $6.50 for each $1 spent on influencer marketing, with the top 13% earning $20 or more. A resounding 70% are earning $2 or more, with the rest either breaking even or failing to generate a return on investment.” The same study concluded influencer marketing was the fastest way to add new customers and the most cost-effective marketing tool.”

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A brand reaches out to possible consumers who dwell on these platforms. Of course, you can presumably promote straight on these platforms, but, as algorithms change, competition for engagement rises and people frequently block out noise from ads, influencer marketing in India is an excellent way to get good organic results.

According to a study commissioned by Google, 40% of millennial YouTube subscribers say that their favourite content creators understand them better than their friends and 70% of teens admit that they can relate to those folks more than to traditional celebrities”


Influencer marketing is a popular form of marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations who socially influence to their audience in their field.

Audience Interaction

Influencer marketing helps you promote your product with favourite social media influencers of your target audience helping them connect well as compared to traditional marketing ad campaigns.


Influencer marketing brings you more of sales as statistics state that it helps in increasing sales by more than 6 times of investment resulting in more than 4-5 times increased profit.


Influencer marketing is considered as reliable source of marketing & running campaigns as your targeted audience rely on your selected influencers and hence makes your brand gain trust of your target audience.


Influencer marketing helps in connecting with more than a billion people on just Instagram alone, anyone with something to sell has to revert to social media and all of the social media audience is influenced by influencers.

Content Consumption

With a booming industry of more than $6 Billion as of 2019, influencer marketing has become a landmark revolution in the advertisement sector. While traditional forms of marketing dying out rapidly, it has become a must for every brand if they wish to increase sales & brand awareness of their product or services.

Campaign Success

Influencer marketing campaigns are more likely to bring success to every brand as statistics state that Influencer marketing helps brands generate more than 6 times of their investment.


Influencer marketing with the help of trust on your influencer(s) helps your audience gain trust on your brand, it is vital to find the perfect assortment of influencers that have targeted audience which is suitable for your brand across several social platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Helps In Branding

We as an Influencer marketing agency in Gurgaon utilizes the honest connection made by influencers with their audience. Influencer marketing Services in India is thriving because people influence people & consider word-of-mouth to be the most reliable source for product/service recommendations, people make 2/3rd of their decisions based on their emotions. Influencers try to tap into that emotion to sell your brand.


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Influencer Marketing

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Brandyse Media analyze your company profile.

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Brandyse creates an action plan based on your unique requirements & marketing needs.

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Brandyse Media finds a proper fit for your product/service & cater the audience you wish to sell.

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Brandyse enters into an agreement with influencers.

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Brandyse creates a unique advertisement strategy that will promote your product efficiently.

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Brandyse also monitors the success metrics of a particular campaign & reports back to you & makes changes according to your wishes.

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Influencer marketing helps a brand in collaborating with an online social influencer to market one of its products.

Influencer marketing really works once you reach the right influencer marketing agency which help you to collaborate with the best influencer.

Brandyse Media a best influencer marketing agency will carry out the whole campaign organically – doing all of the work, including influencer selection and management, themselves as well as save your time and money searching for Influencers.

If your are planning for brand awareness and customers acquisition then Influencer marketing will be highly effective and valuable.

Brandyse Media a best influencer marketing agency in gurgaon makes a strategy that use to promote your business, products and services by partnering with popular social influencers.

We only believe in performance driven approach. Our influencer marketing agency in gurgaon works with nano influencer to celebrity influencer, the bigger the celebrity, the more the cost.

SMM Services

PPC and Social Media Marketing go hand in hand. We help our clients to streamline Ad management on social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization Service

We utilise both SEO and SMM to help our clients get ranked in the top 3 positions of SERPs

WordPress Website Development

An SEO friendly website that not only tells about the product or the services but also sells the products at the first visit.

YouTube Marketing Service

Every channel has its own potential. It's necessary to pick the right niche before taking any step to gain the real subscribers & views with the partner who can be the best youtube Marketing Service Agency in India.


in conjunction with SMM brandyse media provides

Though there exists a lot of digital marketing practices, and Brandyse Media, One of the leading Best PPC Service Agency In India knows that Pay Per Click is the one that asserts dominance in terms of success rate. Here are the reasons as to why the SMM is one step ahead of all the other practices: